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Forrest Arakawa
World Class
Pro Mountain Biker
13 year career
Marshall Eames
One of the top riders
for Santa Cruz
mountain bikes
Max “Payne” Martyniouk
Boxing &
MMA Star

Campolindo High School




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Chris Mullin
NY College: St. John’s
Golden State Warriors
Wayne Ferreira
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Highest Ranking: 6
Roger Craig
San Francisco 49ers
Two consecutive Super Bowls



Riki Ellison
Three Super Bowl Championships for the
San Francisco 49ers
Patti Sue Plumer
American Record
in 5000 meters and
two-time Olympian
Jim Ryan
Hall of Fame.
First Runner to
Break the Four Minute Mile



Rod Dixon
Bronze Medal Olympian.
Two bronze medals
in the World Cross-Country Championships
Ceci St. Geme
Tim Bayley
Sub-Four Miler



Christopher Sullivan
US National
Soccer Team
Linda Jackson
Turned to professional
cycling at 24 when
she left an investment banker position
Jeff Atkinson

Trent Klasna
Professional Road Bicycle Racer


On 27 August 1997 I suffered a spinal strain in a car accident. After two months of physical therapy I changed physical therapists to one practicing osteopathy because more conventional technique were not helping. On 6 February 1998 (nearly one-half year after the accident) I started treatment under Michael at The Athlete’s Advantage. After two weeks (four sessions) my back, for the first time, was feeling coordinated again; functioning as a whole unit. This came with a marked increase in strength in the back muscles. The improvement in my condition was dramatic and very clearly associated with Michael’s work. I consider him to be one of a very rare set of healers who is skilled to a level where he can go very deep into the tissue and yet not risk increasing the negative symptoms of the original injury.

This unsolicited letter is in part a recommendation to anyone considering interacting with Michael on a professional level. His work is the highest quality I have seen. In addition, this letter is a personal thanks to him. Not only for the impact his work has had on my life but also for treating me, as I am sure all that know him, as a personal friend.


Clyde Wilson


Dear Michael,

I want to express my deep appreciation to you for “saving my life”. After eleven months of chronic pain in my neck and both arms due to pinched nerves (with the associated loss of muscle strength), you located and solved the problem that had baffled the medical community for months.

What is so remarkable about your solution is that it came so easily and quickly. I had previously spent months getting physical therapy, acupuncture, and two spinal blocks. I had been analysed and treated by two orthopaedic surgeons. Everyone was baffled by my condition. I was even told by one doctor to adjust by expectations – to assume that I would live the rest of my life in chronic pain!

Then I spoke with you on the telephone. After I described my problem and the circumstances surrounding it, you told me that you thought you could help me. You told me that neuromuscular therapy is more effective at treating my type of condition than regular massage. I was skeptical (given what I had gone through), but I was also desperate.

I really appreciate your holistic approach, Michael – you told me that I needed to dissipate my anger because it was contribute to my condition. You also discussed and demonstrate correct posture, sitting and standing.

Your hands are gentle but firm, and your message is extremely deep. In short, Michael, you’re great!

Thank you for saving my life.


Gary Peterson