“Working with Michael was an incredibly beautiful experience and I feel I have learned and grown so much from it. He is remarkable as a life coach. When I first came into his office, I felt seen for the first time in decades. He is loving, warm, and genuine. If you are looking for holistic growth, Michael is a great mentor and may help you make lasting changes in your life. I went from taking pills every day, working a job that took advantage of my caregiving nature, and an emotionally abusive relationship, to being free from all addictions (prescribed and otherwise), working a job where I am truly valued, and finding a truly fulfilling and loving relationship. I am so grateful for Michael and I highly recommend him as a life coach and mentor.”

– Elana Cooper July 30, 2020


I have been working with Michael going on four years now. When I met him in November of 2016, I was unemployed and in deep conflict with myself, my (former) friends, and my family. I had both physical and emotional changes that I was too afraid to make on my own. Michael was there to help me make them, guiding me through various stages of self-improvement, whether it was a job interview, exercising, food choices or getting braces on my teeth – something I had put off for 10+ years.

During these almost-four years, Michael helped me get a job at a company where I’ve now been for 3.5 years (I have been promoted twice), I’m living with the best girlfriend I could ask for (together 1.5 years), my teeth are straight, and I have a much-improved relationship with my family.

The money I invested in Michael’s coaching was the best money I’ve ever spent. I consider almost all, if not all of my personal triumphs over the past few years a product of Michael’s mentorship. His passion and relentless pursuit of reminding me to “Stay the Course” was unquestionably the difference-maker in my growth. I cannot recommend his work with young men highly enough.

– Zach Antunes – June 11, 2020


Michael is Legendary! I swear, just walking pass this guy and you’ll feel better 🙂 no joke! I was lucky enough to run into Mr. DiBenedetto at my local gym  (Forma Gym in Walnut Creek, CA.) where I’ve trained for years. The knowledge and wisdom he has shared with me is well beyond my years. He’s like a book of information on how to live a better at life. Anyone lucky enough to work with him should go for it! I feel like a new and improved me. He has expanded my faith and helped me grasp a better understanding of living a more loving and joyful life; that’s in addition to making me a more focused and intelligent professional athlete. The tools this man has to offer are far bigger than money can buy . . . Truly!

Extraordinary life coach, and overall, a legendary man. Life only gets better when you know a Human Being like Michael DiBenedetto. A Rare breed! 

Gratitude, Michael, for guiding me toward a more integrated and wholistic mind-body experience as I enter my professional baseball career.

– Diante Jackson February 24, 2017


Michael is amazing!  I have had a lot of therapy in my time and a truly great therapist is incredibly hard to come by, and thus I am always cautious when I go to see someone new.  Immediately, I felt I was in expert and trusting hands in a totally safe environment.  
Michael is scary smart about the body, nutrition, and health, and yet he is so human and accessible.  (For me this is an important part.)

Summary of why you should see Michael:
* Impressive skill
* Warm, accessible personality
* Solid presence can hold steady in transformative space
* Has a genuine concern for the whole person
* Intuition with what a person needs

I highly recommend his coaching. It is really difficult to find a truly gifted transformational guide and facilitator. You won’t be disappointed!

Thank you Michael for doing what you do!  It is a much needed gift.

– Rod Bacon 09/06/2007