Your Path Toward Optimum Wellness

My intent is to inspire “Optimum Health” by achieving and maintaining a positive and balanced mind-body. My current field of study and research is in the relationship of mindfulness meditation and its effects on the Central Nervous System. Out of my own contemplative practice, I teach the essential inner skills of personal well-being, supporting “positive” emotional states and sustaining healthy relationships. My Coaching centers around teaching others how to train their attention in order to be more objective (less reactive) in emotionally difficult situations. When we can achieve a state of responsive, creative awareness or “Flow,” we more easily discover and maintain a state of equanimity or natural relaxation – even when our environment is filled with conflict and distress.

Having worked in the Wellness field for 31 years as a mind-body coach, teacher, neuro-muscular therapist and business owner/manager, I have experienced great satisfaction in creating healing environments and healthy reciprocal relationships through my work. The goal of my work is to assist others in creating more peace of mind in stressful times, greater inner strength and confidence, and an unshakeable sense of contentment and worth.

As a competitive athlete working with professional athletes, I provide strategic goals toward peak performance, To achieve an “optimum level of performance,” a more refined level of bodywork, active-isolated stretching and visualization techniques is required.

It is my commitment to provide the highest quality care and attention possible.

My personal interests include yoga, studying neuroscience, cycling, gardening, and travel – I lived one year in Australia – and of course, having fun with family and friends.