Health Services

 Mind-Body Life & Health Coaching  $150/Hour
Custom Plans tailored to your needs.  Includes two 60 to 90-minute “one-on-one” sessions per week, unlimited phone, text & email support, and Google Drive & Google Documents Private Online Dialog Portal. I request daily contact for the first few months. Based on prior experience, a six-month commitment is ideal to bring about lasting and sustainable change. Three-month commitment is also available as well as a tailored weekly plan.

 6-month: $7500

 3-month: $3750

Restorative & Rehabilitative Massage or Deep Tissue & Sports Massage $115 – 60 minutes
Restorative & Rehabilitative Massage or Deep Tissue & Sports Massage $170 – 90 minutes


Mind-Body Life & Health Coaching:

My intent is to inspire “Optimum Health” by achieving and maintaining a positive and balanced mind-body.  My current field of study and research is in the in neuroscience and the relationship of mindfulness practices and its effects on the Central Nervous System.  I teach the essential inner skills of personal well-being, supporting “positive” emotional states and sustaining healthy relationships.  My coaching centers around teaching others how to train their attention in order to be more objective (less reactive) in emotionally difficult situations.  When we can achieve a state of responsive, creative awareness or “Flow,” we more easily discover and maintain a state of equanimity or natural relaxation – even when our environment is filled with conflict and distress.

Having worked in the Wellness field for 32 years as a mind-body coach, teacher, neuro-muscular therapist, I have experienced great satisfaction in creating healing and healthy environments for others.

Please click the following link for a more in-depth perspective on the Mind-Body, Body-Centered coaching approach:

Depending on numerous factors (age, addictive tendencies, prior personal growth work), our sessions may include some of the following:

Support with stepping comfortably outside your Normal Comfort Zone.

Inquiry to identify blocks (unbeneficial, self-referential internal emotionally charged narratives) and create a clear and simple strategic plan (the results you seek) to eliminate those blocks.

Exploration into the “Wizard behind the Curtain” through the principals of Neuroscience (the Default Mode Network – especially the Default Negative Bias Mode).

We establish your short-term and long-term Goals utilizing strategies, tools and practices that support the attainment of those goals specifically tailored to your life circumstances.

Cultivate greater Body Awareness (Feeling Attention)

Career Development and Planning (Resume, Role play interview, etc.)

I set up a private online Google Drive/Google Docs to dialog, engage and track your progress. This site includes the following: Journal Entries & Comments, Questions, Exercises, Tools, Pointers, possibly a Food & Exercise Plan, and a Tracking Log of your successes to further validate your commitment. I provide you with various original articles relating to your individual process, i.e.  “Repercussions of Self-Criticism,” “Freedom from Fear and Anger,” “Affirming the Positive,” “Hear a New Voice: The Echo of Self-Love and Self-Respect.” Your success will depend firstly on inspiring you so that the motivation you bring to the Work can translate to sustain action toward “right living.” There’s no shortage of motivation; there’s a billion dollar self-help, personal growth, therapy industry structured around promising plans that will facilitate your change. I make a distinction that delineates the true cause of sustained transformation. It’s imperative to turn the “sincere” need for change to a “Serious” need; as if “your life depends on it.” We take out the little “d” in your Desire for change and replace it with a capital “D.”

Massage Services:

Okazaki Restorative Massage:  This massage is also known as “Seifukujitsu.”  This form of massage is rare and was practiced in Japan for over twelve hundred years. The term is derived from three Chinese characters that mean “whole and complete” plus “to recover what was lost” and “skilled art or method.”  Seifukujitsu employs elbow and forearm in detailed and skillful ways to restore internal balance, increase range of motion and eliminate physical fatigue.

Sessions are tailored to your individual and unique needs and may include a combination of the following modalities:  Deep Tissue, Sports, Rehabilitative, Okazaki Restorative Massage, Active-Isolated Stretching, Mind-Body Coaching, Esalen/Swedish Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage:  As with all massage techniques, pressure is always adjusted to each individual’s comfort level while providing the necessary pressure to relieve severe tension in the muscle and connective tissue (fascia). Deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent or chronic pain, are involved in heavy or endurance type physical activity (such as athletes), and patients who have sustained physical injury.

Active-Isolated Stretching:  (AIS) can be applied to elongate and further resolve muscle strain patterns. AIS is one of the methods of stretching most used by today’s athletes that provides functional and physiological restoration.